A quarter or more of our environmental impact comes from our food production.
If you want to win an argument, you can employ one of two strategies: make compelling arguments that convince your audience, or engage in personal attacks designed to disqualify your opponents.
Food production takes a toll on the environment.
Unscientific nonsense proliferates across the internet. Amplified by celebrities, activist groups, and other assorted ideologues, this misinformation surrounding issues like vaccines and crop biotechnology leads many unsuspecting readers astray.
With Christmas just around the corner, you're probably finalizing your dinner plans and wrapping those last few presents before sticking them under the tree.
Who would think that meat could be such a divisive issue?
I recently testified to the USDA about food labels for products made using animal cell culture techniques. The testimony is below.
Since raw foods have become a fad, some have queried the value of cooking foods. But nutritionists have understood for years that how foods are prepared can affect the absorption of nutrients.
A group of researchers assembled a bunch of data to arrive at their foregone conclusion: meat and dairy products in
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