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It is commonly believed by some that the cost of care in teaching hospitals, the sites where we train future physicians, is higher than that of community hospitals that do not have the additional burden of trainees.
Our culture likes lists. Especially if they are distilled down versions of unwieldy, complex topics.
Match Week is upon us! On Friday, soon-to-be-doctors throughout the country will learn their fate in terms of residency placement and career.
The latest in a sadly recurrent theme of people posing as doctors when they have no such background or training is that of a Florida man wh
With the rapid pace of technology spreading a word or image globally in a matter of seconds, the old saying “a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” is ever the more relevant today.
There are so many ways to impact society in a positive way. Whether it is in healthcare or in another industry entirely, you can change the world, help people and continuously enhance and alter your own career path.
Inspired by the extraordinary artistry of medical illustrator and aspiring surgeon, Dr.
This week a meta-analysis in JAMA Surgery looked at Prevalence and Causes of attrition among surgical residents [1] Here are the highlights:
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