medical errors

I am not a big fan of electronic health records (EHRs), at least as they are presently designed. They are more billing platforms than clinical data repositories, easily accessible to clinicians.
She was found guilty of negligent homicide and abuse of an impaired adult. Faced with a possible eight-year prison term, she received three years of supervised probation. S**t happens
First, let me thank Peter Attia, MD, who wrote a piece that reminded me of the definitions and words I was searching for that were mostly free of emotional connotations.
60% of America’s annual deaths, 1.7 million deaths are due to medical error! Do I have your attention? Those numbers are based on a study [1] of course and are not so much blown out of proportion as just wrong.
The Europeanesthesia Conference had a poster/abstract [1] addressing a phenomenon “barely known by health workers,” being the second victim.
Medical training involves both the learning of information and skills and because the practice of medicine can unintentionally harm individuals, supervision, and oversight.
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