Melania Trump

With First Lady Melania Trump’s current hospitalization after enduring an embolization for a “benign kidney condition” for which she is expected to make a complete recovery, many assumptions are being bandied about in the public and private spheres regarding the initially announced anticipated week-long length of stay.

Apparently, hospital length of stay is a topic wrought with misperceptions, so let’s tackle some of them.

Myth #1: A Short Stay Means A Procedure Wasn’t Serious

There can be short stays associated with serious procedures. And longer stays with less concerning procedures. Embolization, for example, is not a worry-...

There is no denying when public figures experience medical issues they can draw greater awareness and attention toward disease prevention; informing society and providing beneficial education. But, the hospitalization of the First Lady, who is thankfully expected to make a full recovery for a “benign kidney condition,” raises concerns surrounding the intersection of patient privacy and a loved one seeking and holding elective office. Should an unelected citizen be unduly compelled to reveal any aspect of their health status? 

Many would argue that when someone runs for public office, everything is fair game. Perhaps it is time to re-examine that issue. Where...

Melania Trump and son Barron are to hold off on an immediate move into the White House.  According to The Wall Street Journal, President-elect Trump told reporters they would join him “very soon.  After he’s finished with school.”

And, the media onslaught began with imprecise headline clickbait aplenty.  

“Melania and Barron Trump won’t be moving to the White House” (The New York Post)… “Melania and Barron will move to D.C., eventually, but many Trump family questions remain” (NBC News)…”Melania and Barron Trump might not move to the White House” (Fortune)…  “Melania and Barron Trump will not move to the White House” (Daily Mail)

Regardless of your politics—when speaking of a ten year old child in the context of an...