If artificial intelligence can replace some highly specialized medical doctors, is any job safe? It appears the biomedical profession is ripe for an overhaul.
A story that's gone viral (again) claims that McDonald's touchscreen menus are fecally tainted. Is it true? No. The global headlines saying otherwise are total lies. So, on what basis are these folks making that ridiculous claim?
The history of the field of microbiology may not be as long as other scientific areas, but it's just as interesting. After 100 years in print the Journal of Bacteriology is taking, what you might say, a walk down memory lane. It's highlighting the top 100 historical papers over the last century in its "Classic Spotlight" series. 
Recently, in a room full of microbiologists, this question was posed: "How many of you believe climate change is the world's #1 threat?" Silence. Not a single person's hand was raised. Were they all rejecting science? No, not at all. They just didn't see it as threatening as antibiotic resistance, pandemic disease or geopolitical instability.
Microbiologists don't use microscopes very often. The reason is because a substantial proportion of modern microbiology research uses the tools of molecular biology, for which microscopes are not needed.
Beer and the human race have a long, symbiotic history -- and for good reason. Down through the centuries it's produced a glowing track record among beverages as one of the safest to drink. What's more, dark beer is packed with beneficial free iron. And that's also why beer should have been included in the recently-issued nutritional guidelines.