Moderate drinking

A few weeks ago, a paper claimed that an extra glass of wine will shorten your life. The story circled the globe in minutes. A new paper, with better methodology, concluded what we all knew: Moderate alcohol consumption can be integrated into a healthy lifestyle. It, however, won't receive nearly as much attention as the sensationalist report. Such is the power of the academic PR hype machine combined with a gullible, sensationalist press.
An analysis of 87 studies squashed the notion that moderate consumption of alcohol (including wine) has any benefit to longevity. This comes after earlier research seemed to indicate the opposite. We wish science would make up its mind.
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Consuming alcohol in moderation has long been known to benefit the heart, bone and brain. However, according to a new study
This report represents a work in progress. ACSH realizes that research in the areas of health impacts of alcoholic beverages is continuing, and we will update this paper as new research and insights are received. We welcome input from readers. Executive Summary