The process to become a naturopath has been packaged to resemble actual medicine. The degree earned even contains the word "doctor," as in Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. But in comparing the education that physicians and naturopaths obtain in order to prepare for their professions reveals a significant difference.
It's rare to see an alternative medicine proponent leave and join the science community but it happens. Britt Hermes, a homeopath and alternative medicine proponent, did just that. She even has a blog where she discuss the horrors of her former industry.
In 1996 naturopathic physician Peter D Adamo published his Eat Right for Your Type diet book, claiming that people with different blood types should eat differently to preserve health and lose weight. The diet is based on the theory that different human blood types evolved at different times in our history, and therefore, we should be eating foods that were available to people at the period when each type first made its appearance.