When it comes to medical fundraising on social media, you may be gambling with the highest of stakes.
Complementary medicine ranges from authentic stress-relieving massage to well-meaning (but expensive) placebo, to outright spurious healing claims. Researchers decided to study its impact on patients with curable cancers.
Naturopaths are dangerous frauds and modern-day witch doctors. They face tight regulations in Alaska and many are leaving. Good. The state has 50 naturopaths, which is precisely 50 too many.
The Massachusetts' legislature recently passed a bill titled, "An Act establishing a board of registration in naturopathy," that will give the naturopaths legitimacy. Regarding the health of the people of the Bay State, it's one of the worst moves that officials there could have made. 
Naturopaths have been and continue to push for federal reimbursements for their treatments and they often consider themselves as professional equivalents of actual physicians who have studied actual medicine. The "profession" should be considered what it is - a hobby.