New York City Council

Sanitary Wipes
A New York City Council hearing by the Committee on Environmental Protection, originally slated for today, won't he going off as scheduled. But this will serve the public interest, since at the very least any delay will give legislators additional time to rethink their well-meaning, but ultimately misguided, proposal that could ban so-called "flushable" wipes.
NYC Council sends e-cigarettes and vapers who switched from deadly smoking out into the cold with real cigarette smokers. A brilliant coup, by a thoroughly political and ignorant group of lawmakers. It s now an embarrassment to be a New Yorker.
At a boisterous NYC Council hearing on e-cigarettes, ACSH got our points across, spearheading a science-based retort to the NYC Health Commissioner s spurious assertions about chemicals in the vapor, and how hard it is to tell smoking from vaping.
Safe and effective in helping smokers quit, concerns about e-cigarettes provoke efforts to suppress their use in public by New York City. Can the City leaders not tell the difference between a cigarette, and an e-cigarette? It s not that hard.
The NYC Council passed a measure raising the age to purchase tobacco products to 21, highest in the nation. Thankfully, no restrictions on e-cigarettes nor the nicotine liquids many vapers prefer were included except for the age limit change. ACSH supports this change, although we don't believe it will prevent most under-21s from getting smokes if they want to.