A new study presented by co-author Eyal Sheiner, MD, PhD, chair of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Soroka University Medical Center, Be'er-Sheva, Isr
Bet you can’t count how many movie scenes about childbirth you have watched in your lifetime. You know the ones highly choreographed to protract the drama leading up to the birth that then capture the magical, emotional euphoria after delivery.
There is a lot of chatter whenever a larger baby is born and exceeds a hospital’s record. The media storm that follows, social and mainstream, makes for the viral nature of the images.
There seems to be a formula for selling books in the medical space which serves as a catalyst for media coverage, self-appointed expertise for speaking fees and ultimate product sales. In the pediatric realm, it is especially rampant.
It s hard to believe, but some parents are refusing to let their newborn babies receive injections of vitamin
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