With childbirth, the stakes are too high to add a risk factor or another hurdle. A healthy mom and healthy baby should be the goal of any delivery.
Though Hollywood features can be quite dramatic, the real thing can provide much more entertainment.
The knowledge of a baby being big or small is just data, not meaningful information. Context is key.
Marketing normal development manufactures a problem in need of a solution, which typically appears in the form of an expensive product. As a result, the vulnerability and fears of new parents get most exploited.
The negative impact of (1) "at-all-costs" breastfeeding campaigns, (2) the political zeal of "lactivism" and (3) societal pressures have done a proven disservice to women and families. So much so that formal health policy had to be changed.
Think newborns should be slim and trim? Think again. A very large study evaluating children s health and intellectual status as a function of birth weight found that heavier babies do better in school, with 10 lbs. being optimal.
It s hard to believe, but some parents are refusing to let their newborn babies receive injections of vitamin K, according to the CDC a practice that the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended for over 50 years.