Good news about Teen Smoking from the CDC! But the CDC leads the media chorus warning: teen use of e-cigs triples! That's a distraction: Smoking is the problem!
While spokesmen for the MN Dept. of Health bent over backwards to make the smoking/tobacco news into a good news, bad news story, in fact the actual public-health story is all good: historic decline in teen smoking!
A potentially groundbreaking ruling in the UK may portend the removal of an unscientific and anti-public-health provision of the European Union s tobacco regulation proposal. This would be a case of addition by subtraction, we hope.
New policy statements from the WHO, the AHA, and the CDC spew baseless, distorted allegations, warning smokers not to try e-cigarettes and spreading false concerns about second-hand vapor. They should be ashamed for selling out.
Dr. Gilbert Ross and Dr. Michael R. Hufford in the Nicotine Science and Policy blog Today approximately 14,000
FDA finally issues proposed regulations on e-cigarettes. The complex, 241-page report has something for everyone: good bad and otherwise. The key for America s smokers: e-cigs will remain accessible indefinitely to help them quit.
Another attempt to deny the efficacy of e-cigarettes for helping addicted smokers quit, in another JAMA publication. Another misleading, distorted agenda item without merit, pretending to be science. How low will they go?
Another scare story about toxic nicotine poisonings: another epidemic without any actual victims. But yes, do be careful! Some day, someone will be poisoned we re only human after all.
NY Times article on the future of e-cigarettes paints a Good vs. Evil scenario. Unfortunately, there is little guidance therein to detect who is whom. Those of us devoted to science-based public health policy know, however: find out here.
What's The Story: The effects of nicotine on human health by
Although it is by now well-known that the FDA-approved quit-smoking methods don t work very well, a report issued by the American Heart Association gives some comfort to those smokers who used the patches, gums and drugs: at least, they don t harm you too much.