NPR recently lost its nerve over the realization that some men are giving up internet porn, fearing this "masturbation abstinence" trend is a gateway to radical right-wing politics. The media should be more interested in the potentially serious health impacts of porn itself.
A subset of men is giving up internet porn on the grounds that it's physically and psychologically harmful. Overlooking much of the relevant science, NPR claims this movement promotes "a set of unproven claims" about the benefits of "masturbation abstinence." Let's examine the research NPR chose to ignore.
The fact that Ethan Lindenberger is over 18 years of age cannot be glossed over here. When dealing with minors -- which this teen by legal definition is not -- the terrain can get murky.  
Dr. Ross discusses e-cigarettes and regulation. [iframe src='" style="width:300px;height:24px;border:0;overflow:hidden;"' width="300" height="24"]