opioid crisis

For anyone with the intellectual capacity of a turnip, it should be more than obvious that the "iron law of prohibition," something Dr.
This one is for Thom, our President and a very avid coffee drinker. The dirty dozen fruits and vegetables were not enough; now, the Environmental Work Group is coming after decaffeinated coffee.
    More than 90 Chinese companies openly sell fentanyl precursor to any willing buyer. Since 2018, cryptocurrency has been used to pay between $27 and $37 million for these materials.
Let’s begin by looking at the findings of the “study.” I am putting study in quotes because this is just another example, albeit an especially bad one, of mining a database created and maintained by others for academic purposes.
No one witnessing a burglary in progress would call 911 and ask for a doctor. Likewise, it makes no sense for a doctor to consult a cop about prescribing medications.
I have been writing about the now disastrous consequences of withholding opioid pain medications from pain patients with legitimate needs since 2013 – well before most other organizations.
The Federalist Society recently organized a panel discussion on how to end the opioid crisis. One of the four participants was Dr. Jeffrey Singer of the Cato Institute, who is also a member of the ACSH's Board of Scientific Advisors:
In July of 2018, the Florida legislature, acting as physicians, not as the near majority of lawyers that they are, restricted opioid prescriptions for acute pain to three days, with a seven-day extension for documented exceptions.
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