opioid denial

Depending upon when you are reading this, Laurie Engel, a long-time chronic pain patient, may or may not be alive; she has been given about six months to live because of an aggressive, deadly cancer that has now invaded her spine.
The term "100-Day Cough" has its origins about five centuries ago in either China or Japan, depending on whom you believe. Although there is no universal definition, it is generally acce
I don't need to tell you, especially if you've ever needed pain medications for moderate-severe pain, that this country is just plain nuts.
I have been writing about the now disastrous consequences of withholding opioid pain medications from pain patients with legitimate needs since 2013 – well before most other organizations.
“There are almost no chronic conditions I can think of where you look at medical maintenance and say, ‘When are you going to get off it?’ We don’t ask diabetic patients when they’re going to get off their insulin.
To update a very old adage: "The Pain is Always Less Painful on the Other Side of the Border."  Same old, same old, but worse
It should be no secret to Canadian pain patients that things aren't exactly rosy up there. Our neighbors to the north have their own set of anti-opioid fanatics (1) to make their lives miserable.
Writing in her blog at the National Institute On Drug Abuse, Dr. Nora Volkow and co-author Dr.
The following article, which was written by ACSH advisor Dr.
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