oral contraceptive pills

This week, Senate Republicans released a budget proposal that would significantly cut funding for Title X (the federal family planning program) and the Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) program. This comes just a week after the House of Representatives proposed eliminating Title X altogether.
The nation s most influential pediatricians group, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), recently updated their recommendations for teen pregnancy prevention. The updated policy statement and accompanying technical report published in Pediatrics on September 29th state that sexually active teen girls should use IUDs (intrauterine
To the Editor: While scanning my wife's copy of April 1999 Elle I was dismayed to see poor health advice dispensed because of inappropriate risk comparisons. On page 275 the "Health News" column states that oral contraceptive pills have dangers that include "a 50% greater risk of circulatory disease and a 20% increased risk of breast cancer," which belies the next statement that the risk is "very remote."