Genetic engineering has delivered monumental scientific, technological, and humanitarian achievements – from producing human insulin in bacteria and gene therapy to treat genetic diseases to increasing food security and reducing malnutrition in de
The race is on as to where the first genetically modified (GM) organisms will be released into the environment in the United States.
To people living in the Caribbean, a mosquito bite is far more than an itch. Each one brings the potential of contracting a deadly disease.
Florida is in the middle of a major 'not in my backyard' brouhaha at the moment and biotechnology is at the center of the debate.
Insect repellent, screens on windows, wearing long sleeves -- there is a limit to the precautions that we can take to protect ourselves from viruses that are spread by mosquitoes.
Dengue and chikungunya are both viruses spread by a species of mosquito known as Aedes aegypti.
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