Just like pretty little snowflakes, no babies are alike.  I knew this while I was pregnant, and I sure as heck know it now, as we are enjoying our almost 5-month old infant.

Out of more than 140,000 contestants vying to become the 2018 Gerber Spokesbaby, Lucas Warren from Georgia will be the first with Down Syndrome in the competition’s roughly 90 year history. And, I say, what took so long!

College campuses are dictating what costumes are offensive. Social media is deluged with healthy Halloween options, like dispensing kale chips instead of the real good stuff.

It seems, per usual, some bad apples are ruining it for the bunch in a Western New York town.

Melania Trump and son Barron are to hold off on an immediate move into the White House.  According to The Wall Street Journal, President-elect Trump told reporters they would join him “very soon.  After he’s finished with school

My pregnant mom - while caring for her ill father - got a call her grandfather died.  She started to shake uncontrollably as her water broke.  Shortly thereafter, out I came  - nearly a month before I was due.

Did the sea part?  The Earth spin off its axis?  

Or, am I just dreaming that the rebirth of joy and humor and common sense and reasonableness could be the latest trend in parenting?  Pinch me, please.  

Drop everything you're doing and hear this: Your parents absolutely have a favorite child. Yes, your mom did tell you she loves all of you just the same. No, she didn't lie exactly, but she may have preferred your sibling over you, at times.