The cost of treating erectile dysfunction
Americans take comfort knowing that competition works to keep prices in check, which keeps businesses on their toes while they deliver price-trimming benefits to consumers. However, when it comes to the market for medication that treats erectile dysfunction, that assumption simply and shockingly does not apply.
ACSH friend, Dr. Robert Popovian, the Senior Director of Healthcare, Science and Economic Advocacy and U.S. Government Relations at Pfizer, is arguably one of the world s premier experts in all aspects of the industry, from early stage discovery to development, as well as innovation, economics, and government policy.
Today we give a shout-out to ACSH friend Michael D. Shaw for his provocative piece that was posted on the HealthNewsDigest website. This topic is something we have written about regularly: What happens to pharmaceutical research when big companies merge and/or layoff scientists?
A new Pfizer-developed anti-cancer drug the first member of a new class of oncology drugs provided a longer progression-free period compared to the control group. Women with advanced
Pneumococcal disease kills almost 2 million people each year. Most of those deaths are individuals from poor countries and half are younger than five years of age. Prevnar 13 which protects against 13 strains of pneumonia