physician burnout

“The implementation of EHR technology may be the root cause of some of these issues, [increased work burden, negative clinician emotions, burnout, and facilitated medical errors] beginning with developers designing a prod

The corporate take-over and consolidation of medicine is well underway. It has been two or three years now that the majority of physicians are employees rather than self-employed.

Many factors contribute to the burnout of practicing physicians, which has been accelerated by the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthcare is not a free market; through consolidation, driven by mergers and acquisitions, sometimes fueled by private equity, healthcare is becoming more monopolistic than a free market of many.

“As the legend goes, the primordial deities Parvati, mother of the natural world, and her husband Shiva, who possessed the power of destruction and creation, brought sacred balance to the Universe through their union.

Sold as a panacea but delivered to physicians as a glorified billing platform that erodes the doctor-patient relationship and adds yet another layer of third party prioritizing away from these key stakeholders, the electronic medical record (EMR)

It is time to question the boondoggle that is and will be the implementation of the World Health Organization-generated International Classification of Diseases, Eleventh Revision (

One thing is for certain in our so-called broken “health system,” devaluing and eroding of the doctor-patient relationship is par for the course these days, typically a first measure without any thoughtful consideration of the profound and extensi

Often considered meaningless use or meaningful abuse by those who actually practice medicine, the so-called meaningful use reform legisla

Understanding why there is an ever-increasing job dissatisfaction rate among doctors (see here) isn’t difficult to comprehend.