Drought plagues much of the Western U.S. and its water woes are severe and worsening, threatening residents' prosperity and quality of life. But the problem isn't supply; it's distribution. We have a way to remedy it.
Explaining a paradox of science, let nature bury the excess carbon, Power, and letting go – at least of our notes.
It's a headline perfectly befitting The Onion. Unlike stories found in the satirical newspaper, however, this one is absolutely true. The Dakota Access Pipeline, which has replaced Keystone XL as the cause célèbre of the environmental movement, has united Native Americans and political activists in opposition. The merits (or lack thereof) of this infrastructure project are not relevant for this discussion. Instead, let's focus on the activists' incredibly bizarre and destructive behavior.
There isn't a fringe movement that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr doesn't like. He appears to subscribe to conspiracy theories involving the assassination of his uncle, JFK, and he's one of America's most prominent disbelievers in vaccine usage. Now, Mr Kennedy is joining the protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Hypocrisy in action: New Jersey township votes to bar natural gas pipeline for imaginary health and environmental concerns. Translation: we re fine with using natural gas fracked from nearby Marcellus shale in PA, but don t transport it near my backyard. They should turn off all those fossil-fuel energy sources, right?