Cows to the rescue, truthfulness vs. truth, are pescatarians more ethical than those who eat beef?
The anti-chemical movement just keeps chugging along. This time it's the media webiste Vox in the caboose. Chemicals in plastics. Blah blah blah. But at least they cite GQ, that well-respected science magazine!
Worried about North Korea tossing nukes around? Ebola? Killer hurricanes? While all of these are dreadful, you might as well forget about them and every other threat around. They are irrelevant. We are already doomed. Because someone put a fleece jacket in the dryer. 
Watchdog group s mission: scare as many people as possible over nothing at all by exploiting the holiday gifting and party season. Waving toxic chemicals at us is a good way to generate donations. Don t fall for it!
Maine s toxic chemicals likely to expand, based on science-free consumer concerns: hyper-precaution as usual. This goes way past even the hyper-precautionary federal Environmental Protection Agency.
Plasticizer chemicals phthalates by name again found to be safe for infants and toddlers in toys. Also safe in sex toys, so that covers the entire age range, it would seem.