A recent, bizarre murder case in Minnesota involved a physician (a poison expert) accused of poisoning his wife with a toxic gout drug called colchicine. The fact that she didn’t have gout, and that he had taken out a $500,000 life insurance policy, won’t help Dr. Connor Bowman‘s defense much. And a little lesson on the risks of using toxic drugs therapeutically.
Lock up your gummy bears, mom, and barricade the hash brownies, pop. Medical centers worldwide report an alarming increase in emergency department visits for young children poisoned by unwitting cannabis exposure. Easy procurement of cannabis goodies where marijuana is legalized or medicalized seems to be driving the increase. So, what’s to be done?
We know that in the 1970s the Soviets used microwave weapons against American diplomats. Maybe with the cooperation of other countries, Putin's Russia is doing it again.
Last month, we discussed the risks associated with traveling to the Dominican Republic, where nine Americans died under mysterious circumstances. Now, a recent development should point investigators in a particular direction: a huge number of deaths in Costa Rica, linked to consuming alcohol adulterated with methanol, or wood alcohol.
Of course, not all causes and manners of death are within our control. Nor should we be so preoccupied with them that we avoid living. But the National Safety Council's annual report proves to be an interesting read, given a 5.3% increase in preventable-injury-related deaths.
K2, a dangerous synthetic cannabinoid product – also known as spice, synthetic marijuana, legal weed or fake weed – is wreaking havoc in Illinois and hospitalizing dozens.   In Illinois, synthetic cannabinoids have killed two and hospitalized fifty-six for extreme bleeding. This toll is expected to rise. Believing they are like "pot" or "marijuana" is the public's first mistake.
Some dopey teenagers are creating a social media firestorm by posting their adverse reactions to intentionally ingesting laundry detergent pods. Is this stupidity a new worry?
The lead-laden water crisis in Flint, Michigan has been a slow-motion failure of government and public health oversight at multiple levels. Do demonstrate this, here's a timeline, along with commentary, on how it happened. Why it happened is another story entirely.
Another scare story about toxic nicotine poisonings: another epidemic without any actual victims. But yes, do be careful! Some day, someone will be poisoned we re only human after all.