The price of eggs rose by 11% in January and does not appear to be coming down in the immediate future. The price hike is primarily due to the bird flu, which killed millions of egg-laying hens in 2022 in the deadliest outbreak in U.S. history.
Routine doctor's appointments usually end the same way. The doctor encourages you to exercise, stress less, and eat healthy, usually mentioning something about vegetables and fiber.
Anyone interested in building muscle knows that adequate (or perhaps more than adequate) dietary protein (plus exercise, of course) is crucial.
Since raw foods have become a fad, some have queried the value of cooking foods. But nutritionists have understood for years that how foods are prepared can affect the absorption of nutrients.
Nowadays, people are becoming nutrition savvy and choosing healthier foods. Particularly in the Western world, the quest for the ideal weight-loss-diet is driving the popularity of a high-protein/low carbohydrate lifestyle. 
It s widely acknowledged that calorie restriction at
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