randomized controlled trials

I'm always skeptical of claims concerning therapeutic uses of CBD oil (cannabidiol) and also the results of clinical trials that contain a small number of participants.
About a week ago, news outlets reported that a large randomized controlled trial showed that ivermectin had no impact on COVID.
If you want to know what the current thinking is in a scientific field, the best place to start is not a textbook but a literature review.
On Wednesday April 29th the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 532 points on news that Gilead's remdesivir demonstrated a “clear-cut positive effect" in treating COVID.
Much of the ambiguity of RCT's results lies in how closely the treatment and control groups matched to one another.
First, we do not know whether remdesivir has failed. Not by a long shot. The leaked draft document of a trial in China may or may not be real.
The world got a taste, albeit, a premature taste, of some bad news this afternoon.
How many times in the last week have you seen headlines such as
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