religious exemption

The American Medical Association (AMA) the largest association of physicians in the United States has called for an end to non-medical exemptions for vaccinations. They argued that there is no scientific basis for non-medical (philosophical or religious) exemptions and these exemptions put the public s health at risk. AMA doctors
We recently wrote about a bill, (SB 277) which is up for approval in the California legislature. The law, if passed would require that children be vaccinated in order to attend school.
ACSH trustee Dr. Paul Offit takes on a very sensitive topic in his op-ed in today s New York Times: How is it possible to reconcile the clash of mandatory immunization and religion an impossible task if ever there was one.
We ve been talking about vaccines almost non-stop recently. We would rather not have to, but it seems as if the tide is now turning in the right direction.
Over the past couple of years, we ve seen the re-emergence of a number of vaccine preventable diseases, mainly pertussis (whooping cough) and measles. And the majority of these cases are among individuals who have not