Ultra Runer Karl Meltzer (both photos courtesy: Red Bull Content Pool)
Karl Meltzer's newest feat, setting the land speed record traversing the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia, was unquestionably remarkable -- and newsworthy. Yet among its media coverage, two of the most prominent reports played up the angle that one particular aspect of his achievement — the ultra runner's food consumption during his historic dash — was in some way bizarre. However, for the most part, that was just not the case.
As a young, active person, it never once occurred to me that at age 28 I would suffer from lower back pain. I avoid going to the movies and long car rides because I can't sit that long. And at its worst, I can barely make it through dinner before I have to stand up and stretch. I suffer from sciatica, and it's a real pain.
Running at any time of life is not only not harmful for your knees, but may actually be protective. Good news for joggers who may have been fearful of provoking arthritis.
According to questionnaires administered by the World Health Organization, about 1.5 billion people or 31 percent of the world s population is sedentary, meaning they do not get the 150 minutes