The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) believes Sex Ed should extend beyond the classroom; in fact, the Academy's latest clinical report urges pediatricians to provide sex health information to both patients and parents or guardians.
On the heels of a defeated attempt to overturn a vaccination law, California delivers another victory for public health: a sex education law, which mandates comprehensive, science-based instruction for all teens. It includes important topics like consent, sexual orientation and HIV/AIDS awareness, and the important basics like contraception.
There is a perception out there that the technology and social media booms of the last decade have been detrimental to public health. In particular hookup apps are being blamed by many for having contributed to the increases in sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STD/STIs). This belief is not entirely unwarranted; earlier this year the state
ACSH friend and Fox News host John Stossel has penned a commentary bemoaning the current status of scientific discourse in America. We here at ACSH agree, sadly, with the main thrusts of his cri de coeur: fixed beliefs based on ideology are the opposite of science.