Former New York Times columnist Mark Bittman enthusiastically endorses a tax on soda and other sweetened beverages that's now being considered in Philadelphia. While this may seem appealing to people who believe that sugar is a major contributor to America's health problems, when you really examine the logic of such a tax, there isn't much there.
Polls are closed and the election results are in regarding the proposals to tax sugary beverages in Berkeley and San Francisco. The verdict? Well, you win some, you lose some.
The latest in health news: Attack on sugary drinks is back, Alzheimer's in a dish for research, and why rapid weight loss may not result in weight gain just as fast
This past June, former Mayor Michael Bloomberg s ban on super-sized sodas was put to rest, but if you thought that was the end of the attack on soda, you were mistaken. Currently, two taxes on sugary beverages