soda tax

Taxes alter consumer behavior. The more something is taxed, the less of it we get. Knowing this, governments use taxes to encourage or discourage behavior.
A quick update on Philidelphia’s tax on sugary beverages, the “soda tax.” Not the announcement by the American College of Pediatricians that those sugary beverages were bad for children and should be avoided, but the soda tax’s changing political
Now that smoking has become an aberration rather than the norm, locales that are missing their tobacco tax money seem to look for another source of revenue. Enter the tax on sugar-sweetened beverages or SSBs.
Cook County, Illinois, Chicago's home, has now implemented its long-sought tax on sweetened beverages, including soda and
For years now, activists such as CSPI  have been agitating for a tax on sodas and other sugary soft drinks. They have been making headway under the rubric of aiming to improve public health.
Busybodies in the American public, never content to leave other people alone, always seem to need a common enemy to rally against. For years, it was McDonald's. Then it was Monsanto and Big Pharma. Now, it's Big Soda.
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