The study, which so captured media attention, begins with a call to continue the work of Ponce de Leon in finding the Fountain of Youth.

We're so used to hearing advice about decreasing our sodium (and therefore salt) consumption that advice to do the opposite sounds like something the Onion might publish.

For years nutritionists and nutrition researchers have been warning Americans that we're eating too much sodium/salt.

As we've noted before, the amount of sodium an adult should consume has been, and still is, a bone of contention, with some experts finding t

Mention high blood pressure and most of the diet-conscious among us think "lower salt intake" to manage it.

A group called "World Action on Science and Health" (WASH) has declared March 20-26 as "Salt Awareness Week;" their goal being to encourage people all over the world to cut back on their salt consumption.

The folks over at the Environmental Working Group and NRDC must be greeting a new environmental study with mixed emotions. 

American Council On Science and Health: How Toxic Is Salt?

Salt Warning!Under the heading of governmental overreach, two new doozies caught my attention: