Suicide rates are up in the United States. In some places, they are way up.
SPOILER ALERT: A key theme in the movie will be revealed in this article.
A new report published in BMJ Journal: Injury Prevention opts to reframe how we interpret data on preventable, premature deaths by using an “en
Everybody hates heat waves. We hate them so much, in fact, that heat waves have a measurable detrimental impact on our society.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is taking action on possibly false data reported in a highly cited paper on suicide rates stratified by occupat
One of the key pillars of suicide prevention is identifying those at risk of suicide and getting them the counseling or treatment that they need. Typically, this responsibility falls to family, friends, and therapists.
This time last week I hadn’t even heard of the Broadway musical sensation Dear Evan Hansen.
Suicide prevention is an inexact intervention. People who have attempted suicide previously, make plans to commit suicide, or talk about committing suicide are often considered high-risk.
It's not easy being a teenager. Since time immemorial, teens have had to grapple with the raging hormones and quest for self-identity that are hallmarks of this stage of life.
Your risk of death from a car crash, suicide, or homicide is different depending on the day of the week. That's the latest finding from the CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.
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