New research analyzed the rate of foreign-body ingestion in young children, only to determine it increased by over 90% over the study’s 21-year period. Though the items and circumstances vary, no age is spared. And preventable injury is quite costly.
Overlapping surgery increases a surgeon's efficiency. But it comes at too high an expense: the denigration of our the surgeon's role, as well as an unwarranted emphasis on technique over care.
Twelve patients who tried stem cell injections were hospitalized with infections, according to a published report, one that should cause patients concern. More important is that they should investigate stem cell treatments, for conditions such as cartilage injuries to their joints, before committing to one of these procedures.
Using made up numbers, The Lancet reports that surgery is the third greatest burden of global disease, right after cardiovascular disease and stroke. In order to save lives should surgeons actually "put down the knife"?
Surviving and thriving after penetrating traumas depends on two key factors.
Learn how not to fracture your penis. And what you should do if it happens.
Ethologists, videographers and economists have all studied the behavior of surgeons in the operating room. Their revelations will not surprise surgeons, and they do not require the trappings of p-values and statistics. 
Waiting for surgical care is more common than you think, and it can result in more complications. A Canadian study sheds light on the factors involved in waiting to fix a hip fracture.
The tale of an eggplant's exit from the body. Always a fun experience! 
With First Lady Melania Trump's hospitalization, public misperceptions about how long someone should be admitted have run amok.
Things aren’t always what they seem – especially in the medical realm. That's precisely what surgeons in Japan discovered when performing an emergency appendectomy. Brain tissue ... in ovaries?!  
18% attrition is a waste of our teaching resources and creates unwarranted stress for our physicians in training. I was drawn to the article because I was in fact part of that attrition ... I spent a great year in Vermont, growing up