For those who follow my articles, you will know I am concerned about how reputations can tarnish one’s accomplishments, especially for those where the moral ground has shifted – say the Founding Fathers.
While all social media display an individual’s “name,” those names are often made up, the work of bots, and poorly
“The emotional and behavioral haywire of adolescence is driven by a pair of interlocking mechanisms: the hormonal and the social.
Writer’s confession: First, this was written before the “Muskification” of Twitter, but I doubt he will change the concerns I and others are raising. Second, I wish these were my original thoughts, but they are not.
It was a problem for years. First thing in the morning, I would shut off my phone alarm, open the Twitter app and begin scrolling through my timeline before reluctantly getting out of bed to be productive.
Social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have promised over and over again to combat the spread of fake news, particularly if it leads to harm.
Since the start of social distancing (March 16, 2020) mobility in the United States has dropped 49% Every US state has reduced mobility. Early adopters are doing better than late or non-adopters.
It says something profoundly troubling about the times in which we live that Americans are using a genuine public health crisis to sow division, stir animosity, and score political points. But that's where we find ourselves in 2020.
Recently, The Lancet presented information on what experts considered a healthy and environmentally sustainable diet – plant-based, less meat.
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