The ACSH has written extensively about the safety of conventionally grown food for many years.
As I discussed in Part 1, many Americans have begun to seek “authenticity” in many aspects of their lives.  There’s nothing wrong with that unless in the process they are misled by special interests’ false claims that cause them to be endange
This is an excerpt. Please see the original article in the journal Regulation:
The debate over so-called “GMOs” is almost 30 years old at this point.
The trace amounts of pesticides in food cannot harm you.
Research going back many years has clearly documented that organic farming tends to require more land while producing less food than its conventional counterpart.
The results of the USDA's Pesticide Data Program (PDP) for 2020 are in, and they lend themselves to two important but unsurprising conclusions: the trace amounts of pesticides in our food supply still don't pose a measurable health risk; environme
The USDA's “bioengineered” label now affixed to many products in grocery stores is a massive waste of money that will offer consumers no useful safety or nutrition information, something the
Beginning in January, we'll see many more products in grocery stores carrying the USDA's 'bioengineered' food label.
In October, a viral TikTok video urged viewers to buy an essential oil veg
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