vaccine safety

Safety data based on more than 17 million Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccinations was just published in a JAMA online article. How safe were they? Very.
We've just gotten a whole bunch of good news – news we really needed – about finally getting the upper hand against COVID-19. Two vaccines, both more than 90% effective at protecting clinical trial participants against the disease, were announced just seven days apart. These numbers are well beyond expectations, but some critically important questions linger. Here they are. The answers will determine how successful the vaccines will be.
HPV, the most common sexually transmitted infection, can lead to several types of cancers, including cervical. About 79 million Americans are currently infected with HPV, and there are about 14 million new cases every year.
We were very disappointed in Katie Couric s segment yesterday on her daytime talk show, Katie, discussing the controversy over the vaccine
We at ACSH are heartened to know that America has gotten a little safer this week. Self-proclaimed vaccine expert Jenny McCarthy will soon become a co-host on The View, where she will no doubt be sharing her medical acumen with millions of people who will devour every word.