Vitamin C

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When your dog looks longingly at you as you eat breakfast, out of compassion and sympathy, do you ever find yourself pouring some orange juice into his bowl? Of course not. You might get bitten. Or, at the very least, you'll get a puzzled look.
This flu season, one product is making its comeback: orange juice. Sales of OJ seem to have gotten a boost — after years of decline — due to consumers' fears of getting the dreaded illness. 
People swear that popping a few vitamin C tablets when their throat starts to feel sore is a surefire method to prevent a cold.
When you need a boost of Vitamin C, we bet you never think to eat some bell peppers! Here are five foods that are higher in Vitamin C than oranges!
One thing that everyone should know by now is that smoking during pregnancy can harm a baby in several
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