The lead-laden water crisis in Flint, Michigan has been a slow-motion failure of government and public health oversight at multiple levels. Do demonstrate this, here's a timeline, along with commentary, on how it happened. Why it happened is another story entirely.
No, Virginia, you don't have to drink eight glasses of water every day to be healthy. This is a myth that's been handed down for generations. It wasn't true at the start, and it isn't true now. In fact, too much water can be deadly.
Another junk study attempts to scare the public about putative dangers of fracking. Despite the complete lack of scientific rigor involved in its conception and evaluation, the scaremongering got plenty of media attention which is the point of such an inexcusable violation of the scientific method.
Everyone knows that vegetables are healthy, right? And water is necessary for life. So what could make more sense than to combine the two, and thus provide a reason for charging a pretty penny for hydration?
We have taken Vani Hari The Food Babe to task multiple times for her charade posing as a credible science-based resource on nutrition, acting in the best interests of her followers, when she really is a metaphor for anti-science hype and fear, according to