water supply

When we turn on the tap, we all expect clean and safe drinking water. Threats to the cybersecurity of public drinking water systems are critical, but often overlooked, issues facing our country. The EPA is faced with the challenge of how to regulate these emerging threats. 
There are crazier ideas than harsh, indefinite lockdowns to fight the coronavirus. One was proposed by a bioethics professor: Put mind-controlling hormones in the water supply to make people more cooperative.
Scientists from the American Council on Science and Health today reaffirmed that the continued use of chlorine disinfection of the nation's water supply is necessary to protect the public from potential life- threatening diseases. "Once again, we are seeing a questionable use of rodent data being used to suggest a health threat and the American public is being exposed to needless anxiety about a safe and essential technology", declared ACSH president Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan.