Most mental health professionals would agree that if one could assign DSM V criteria to elements, zinc's diagnosis would be easy:

Code F31.9, Bipolar I disorder, current or recent episode unspecified.

There are a few reasons that I believe this diagnosis is valid, and I will discuss them below. First, the fun stuff. The minerals in which zinc is found are both fascinating and spectacular. 


Selected zinc-containing minerals. Photos:  1. 911 Metallurgist   2. ...

This flu season, one product is making its comeback: orange juice. Sales of OJ seem to have gotten a boost — after years of decline — due to consumers' fears of getting the dreaded illness. 

But is dosing yourself with high amounts of Vitamin C warranted for this year's flu from hell?










People swear that popping a few vitamin C tablets when their throat starts to feel sore is a surefire method to prevent a cold.

Unfortunately, evidence doesn't support that. At the very best, daily supplementation with vitamin C (i.e., every single day, not just the day before you feel sick) may reduce the duration of a cold. A Cochrane review found that adults experienced 8% and children 14% fewer sick days when they took vitamin C every day. In other words, if the average adult is sick 10 days per year, supplementing with vitamin C would reduce it to 9 days. The review further concluded that "routine mega-dose prophylaxis is not rationally justified."

Echinacea doesn't work, either. Can...