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Mendel's theories of inheritance came from making careful observations while crossing pea plants. One observation was that the traits of the offspring (progeny) pea plants were determined by their parents' traits.
For years, researchers viewed body fat as just a passive storage depot — it was there to hold all those excess calories we consume.
A company in Boston, MA, wants to change the way that vaccines are administered, and Bill and Melinda Gates are lending them a hand to make it a reality. 
The World Health Organization released their first ever report on the antibiotic resistant bacteria that are of the greatest global concern - the 
Pest control and microbial disinfection protocols often utilize ultraviolet (UV) light. The reason is because UV light is extremely damaging to cells.
The winners of the 'Open Science Prize' are two scientists who developed an online tool that will use the changes, or mutations, that occur in viral genomes (DNA or RNA) to track an outbreak as it happens. 
For the last decade or two, people have been looking for something to attribute to the increase in the number of people with allergies and autoimmune diseases.
There is nothing like a good ole scientific debate about microbes to make my day. The one happening at the moment is as good as they get for one reason - good science is being done on both sides of the issue.
Inserting a camera into the human body, to look around for trouble, used to be the thing of science fiction. But as well all know full well, today millions of Americans visit doctor's offices annually to have a colonoscopy performed.
Although they don't generally make headlines, Vibrio cholerae infections wreak havoc in areas of the world with poor sanitation, causing millions of cases of cholera and over 100,000 deaths each year.