Biomedicine & Biotech

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), with its mere ~4,000 genes, has been outsmarting us for decades. One look at the numbers illustrates this clearly.
Women suffer about twice as many severe headaches and migraines as men.
For the last 100 years, slicing a single cell into two equal parts has proven to be a process that's tedious, time-consuming and one that required to be done by hand.
There's new data to suggest that women with breast implants could receive an incorrect diagnosis for a heart attack when undergoing an electrocardiogram. That's according to research released today at a medical conference in Austria.
The history of the field of microbiology may not be as long as other scientific areas, but it is as rich. 
It's kind of ironic that tans used to be associated with being poor — with having to work outdoors.
The sequence of an organism's genome, a staple in today's world of scientific experimentation, is as essential to scientific research as beakers.
When people start to use a newly developed scientific technique it is put through the ringer. That is the nature of science.
Whenever something appalling is said or done by Andrew Wakefield and his supporters, which is all too frequently, I am compelled to point out that 1) there is no scientific evidence supporting their far-fetched idea that vaccines cause autism and