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Until recently, biosecurity and cybersecurity have been considered separate realms.

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As if we don't have enough problems.

We were pro-GMO before the term "GMO" was even invented. That's because the acronym "GMO" is not used by scientists, but is instead a colloquialism employed by the media, activists, and the general public.

Thanks to Herculean efforts by pharmaceutical companies all over the globe, the biomedical research community is now on the verge of producing the world's first successful coronavirus vaccine.

The good news shot around the planet within minutes: American pharmaceutical behemoth Pfizer, in collaboration with the German firm BioNTech, have produced a vaccine that is 90% effective at preventing coronavirus infection.

The race for the first FDA approved coronavirus vaccine is heating up, and it appears that Pfizer may cross the finish line first.

Several years ago, a brand new method of genetic engineering called CRISPR was invented, and it was based on discoveries made about the rudimentary "immune system" possessed by bacteria.