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Roaming through your body is a group of specialized immune cells that acts like the secret police. They ask other body cells to show them identification ("Papers please!"). If they fail to provide adequate ID, the cells are killed on the spot.
In a piece published today in the journal Science Translational Medicine, researchers present a proof-of-concept study maintaining they designed “an accessible solution that uses speakers and microphones within existing smartphones to det
Promising work just published in Nature Medicine especially offers hope to chronically ill patients battling drug-resistant infections while most compromised with weakened im
In its international edition on April 25, the New York Times ran a blatantly anti-Semitic political cartoon that portrayed a blind President Trump wearing a yarmulke being led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who wa
With the goal of reducing transport inefficiencies that contribute to wasted organs for transplant, a multidisciplinary team from the University of Maryland’s
It is only appropriate that during the week that honors National Pet Day research that supports using the superior snouts of dogs for cancer screening was presented at the annual Experimental Biology 2019 meeting of the
A new study that says oral sex can prevent miscarriage predictably has gone viral, thanks mostly to the rather excitable British tabloids. But is it true? If it is, the study doesn't even come close to confirming the hypothesis.
Energy efficiency is the ability of a machine to put precious energy to good use. The most intuitive example is fuel efficiency, which is usually measured in miles per gallon (mpg).
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