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BARIUM If you mention the element barium to someone, it will elicit one of precisely two responses:
The New York Times really stepped in some cheesy goo yesterday.
Vani Hari, the infamous "Food Babe" who says that we shouldn't eat anything that we can't pronounce, has a new emulator: Panera Bread.
Chlorine has been vilified as being dangerous to human health. In fact, though, it’s of great importance in promoting people's health.
Steve Milloy, who runs the website, is first out of the gate telling the New England Journal of Medicine that they may have been victims of scientific misconduct on the part o
I knew that someday the template I keep around would come in handy: "NRDC is in the dark about ------"
Researchers from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) have published results of a large-scale field experiment, paid for by neonicotinoid (also shortened as "neonics") manufacturers Syngenta and Bayer, to assess neonico
Just to satisfy my inner chemist I like to write about interesting elements now and then. Then happens to be now.
In Part One, we examined the findings of the 2015 meeting of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), during which a panel of