From 2000 to 2018, global incidence of measles fell by 2/3, and more than 23 million lives were saved by vaccines. This good news, however, is tempered by disturbing regional trends. Over the same time period, measles incidence doubled in Europe and increased by 1100% in the Americas.
One of the significant concerns surrounding the proposed "science transparency" changes at the EPA has to do with revisiting older "pivotal regulatory" science, for example, the "Harvard Six Cities" study that set the stage for air pollution standards. That paper is now over 25 years old; you have to wonder how it has withstood the test of time. Let's take a look. 
Using insurance claims data, Blue Cross claims that Millennials are less healthy than Gen-Xers at the same age, and that they are less healthy in double digits. The reality is not nearly as scary as they make it out to be.
It's only early December, but already there's been some nasty norovirus outbreaks in the U.S. One was bad enough to close an entire school. Another hit 400 people at the U.S. Air Force Academy. In response, some bits of wisdom (and humor) about this dreaded stomach bug.
The US Centers for Disease Control recently released its new report, Antibiotic Resistant Threats in the United States, 2019. ACSH Advisor Dr. David Shlaes discusses its pros and cons.
When we need a physician or a specialist we increasingly turn to our family, friends and even the Internet. But cost and convenience -- not medical competence -- are usually the most important factors in the decision-making process.
Prince Andrew, who currently occupies the hot seat for at least two dubious associations, sheds some light on a relatively unknown disease: anhidrosis, the inability to sweat. Let's take a look at that physical condition. (Whether you believe him is another story.)
A healthy lifestyle and a few inexpensive medications are as good as expensive surgery or stents in treating chronic heart disease. Translating this study to the real world is going to be tough because many patients prefer not to alter their lifestyle. No one minds the pills, but stents just seem simpler than changing how one lives.
Loneliness, as compared to solitude, resulted in a 2-to-3 fold increase in one-year mortality. For social creatures like us, loneliness can detrimentally affect our health.
The mainstream media would have us believe that vaping, especially among our children, is the gateway to smoking tobacco. A new study suggests otherwise.
Genome-wide association studies are a means of identifying genes associated with traits or diseases. For those who didn't graduate college lately, here's a guide to how they work, what they find, and their limitations.
Human physiology is complex. Homeostasis tells us that our physiologic responses maintain us within a specific range. Fractal physiology tells us that, over time, our responses become less responsive. And those changes can be seen years before clinical disease is apparent.