A recent study reported in the New England Journal Of Medicine (NEJM) has drawn the attention of the community of physicians and scientists researching and treating

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have been engaged in forecasting the potential economic and human costs associated with an uncontrolled large-scale pandemic, as well as the corresponding benefits that could be derived from an

Nocturia refers to getting up at night to urinate. Depending upon the frequency, it can be a nuisance or disability, but it remains preferable to not getting up at all when you have to urinate.

Tinnitus is a perceived sound that only you can hear. It might be a ringing, buzz, or tone. It arises not in your ear but in your brain. And because only you can hear it, it is subjective, a symptom, not a sign, so diagnosis can be challenging.

Depending upon when you are reading this, Laurie Engel, a long-time chronic pain patient, may or may not be alive; she has been given about six months to live because of an aggressive, deadly cancer that has now invaded her spine.

Hypertension is a leading medical problem in the U.S., and except in the very extremes, it is asymptomatic. It is a disease with a specific finding.

Aging has never been a more discussed and, at times, contentious issue.

Prostate cancer is a much-discussed form of cancer in the medical literature.