Mental illness often responds to medication, but in turn, those medications may cause side effects that lead to suboptimal treatment or complete cessation of therapy.
Since the beginning of the year, the highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu strain that previously had
I explained that while we’ve been trying to create a universal flu vaccine for years without success, similar efforts are ongoing for COVID-19.
“… 22,000 male US physicians 40 to 84 years of age were entered in the trial and randomly assigned to receive one of four treatments…After an average of 4.8 years of follow-up, the total number of myocardial infarctions a
One of the more concerning recent developments (since around the beginning of this year) is the confirmed transmission of avian flu to dairy cows.
As the US population ages, especially the demographic bulge we call the Boomers, there are more and more older drivers.
COVID-19 took the lives of many elderly adults.
Until the arrival of the GLP-1 medications, bariatric surgery was the most effective means of reducing and maintaining weight loss.
We began by exploring the difference between eradicating and controlling viruses.