Scientists Urge Governor Whitman to Take Action to Fluoridate all New Jersey Water Supply

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Scientists and physicians from the American Council on Science and Health have urged New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman to vigorously promote community water fluoridation in New Jersey. "Fluoridation remains the safest, most effective, and most economic public-health measure to prevent tooth decay and to improve oral health for a lifetime," says ACSH President Dr. Elizabeth Whelan.

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence supporting fluoridation, ignorance and unfounded fears have prevented its adoption in many areas. An astounding 84 percent of New Jersey residents do not receive adequately fluoridated water, while 38 percent of other Americans live in unfluoridated areas.

Water fluoridation is an ideal way of improving dental health and controlling health care costs. Inexpensive and extremely effective, sufficient fluoride has been shown to safely prevent up to 70 percent of dental cavities. Fluoridation is simply an adjustment of the naturally occurring fluoride to a level known to promote the development of decay-resistant teeth and strong bones.

Extensive epidemiological studies reported by the National Toxicology Program have not shown fluoride to be carcinogenic. And the Public Health Service maintains a policy of continued support for the use of fluoridation for the prevention of tooth decay.

Governor Whitman would effectively improve public health in New Jersey by encouraging the state legislature or local city councils to adopt fluoridation measures. Says Dr. Whelan to Governor Whitman: "As a public health scientist and a New Jersey resident, I encourage you to take action to improve New Jersey's status in this important area of public health."