Industry body challenges CSE findings of pesticides in blood

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A July 27, 2005 article on India's noted the ACSH position on pesticides:

The pesticide industry has challenged the findings of the Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) relating to health hazards of pesticide use in Punjab.

The CSE had earlier released a report showing presence of pesticide residues in human blood and the possible cause for cancer in patients.

Addressing a press conference in the Capital on Wednesday, Salil Singhal of the apex industry body, Agrochemicals Promotion Group (APG), said, "Traces of chemicals being detected in human body are nothing new. Both natural and man-made compounds are in human body as a result of exposure to air, soil, water, and food. The American Council on Science and Health has already admitted their presence. But the question is whether these traces of pesticide residues are harmful or not. The CSE has failed to conclude, as their presence is within the threshold levels."

Mr Singal, who is also the CMD of PI Industries, alleged that CSE is raising an unnecessary alarm. The presence of pesticide residues in human body can be harmful only if it is found above the permissible limit, he said.