Proposition 65 and Its Effect on California Businesses

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An article by Yury Orlov about the effects on business of California's anti-chemical Proposition 65 law was reprinted online on November 25, 2005 and mentions ACSH's position on the unscientific assumptions underlying Prop. 65:

Although the enforcement scheme is the most criticized aspect of Proposition 65, many of its opponents also disagree with the way exposure levels and thresholds for dangerous exposure are determined under the legislation. The American Council on Science and Health, which promotes science as the basis for public policy, challenged the legislation by bringing a purposefully ridiculous suit against Whole Foods Markets, known for providing the ultimate in natural, healthful foods that contain no synthetic materials. The suit cited Whole Foods Market for failure to warn the public about the presence of acrylamide present in miniscule amounts in the organic whole-wheat bread sold in their stores. The Council message is that public policy should be based on sound science and not driven by unfounded, ideologically driven fears.